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August 3, 2012
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Paint Tool SAI: Hair Coloring Tutorial by Eienart Paint Tool SAI: Hair Coloring Tutorial by Eienart
I've been constantly told to make a Tutorial, so here is my first one!! I hope it helps many people =)
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VictoryCabbage Apr 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
super cool! (on my main acount from :iconcrispycabbage-adopts: ) Um for the base colours would you suggest like matt colours rather then bright colours so like keeping the saturation down low also if I was to go about putting extra colour highlights do you think I should go about that the same way and the bright highlights?
Sorry for the questions thanks in advance if you can help >w<
Eienart Apr 22, 2013   Digital Artist
Going with a matt color is really good for the base. I used a similar method in my speed-painting [link] for the face mainly. Going from dark to brighter is easier to do for my experience.
For the highlights there are many methods for doing them. To keep the saturation down for the highlights don't use the 'luminosity' mode for the highlight layer, instead keep the mode on normal and manually select your highlight colors.
For extras, try using a separate layer over the entire image and You can either use the method shown in my tutorial or others, really it depends of the picture. With the extra highlights on a different layer you can adjust the opacity and modes to best blend in the highlights in order to create a better flow for the picture.
Looking at your questions, it seems like you want your colors to mesh well together. A useful tip is to try overlaying a color over the image with different blend options (or the "mode" options show in this tutorial) depending you what effect you want. Photoshop is really good with that kind of stuff.

Send me a note if you have more questions =D I'm more than happy to help out ^-^ I got kind of wordy here o.o
VictoryCabbage Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
-Sooo sorry for the late reply- Thanks allot my colouring has improved quite a bit since then >uu< I will be posting some things soon. I think using highlighters, blur and a mixture of multiply layers have helped allot. I've dapples in the art of photoshop but I have to say it's fairly intimidating with ALL those buttons XD
And I've finally gotten a tablet so it'll be easier to make the hair shading look nicer and more hair-like hopefully >uu<
Thank you for all your help ~~~~!~!~!
Eienart Jun 10, 2013   Digital Artist
That's so great!! I'm sooooo happy I could help n_n &&& Photoshop is intimidating at first, but given some time in paying with it you will get use to all the button =D I'm actually still learning about different stuff in Photoshop. &&&& The table will help greatly!!! I remember my first coloring was with a mouse O.o the memories.... What type of tablet did you get?
VictoryCabbage Jun 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I thought it would be like that. I mean I'm still learning new buttons in paint tool sai. XD
I don't know about using the tablet all the time. It's good for hair but I'm finding it difficult to execute tidy lineart XD I think it's better to use the mouse for most things. I'm too used to it cause I use the scrolled to Zoom allot and it means it's faster XC
I'm using a Wacom Bamboo, I've been told that Wacom are very good at making tablets. But it's the cheepest one I could find so the screen is a little small >o<
Eienart Jun 26, 2013   Digital Artist
For the lineart, when using Paint Tool SAI You can set brush stabilizers to help (just double click the brush you want to use and a window will pop up with a few settings) For scrolling, rotation, & Zooming I always rest 1 hand on the keyboard.
Hold "space" = Pan (move the canvas)/ scrolling
"ctrl"+"space" = Zoom in
"ctrl"+"alt"+"space" = Zoom out
"alt"+"space" = rotate

I hope that helps some. Also link the brushes to different hot keys helps with speed. You can simple hold "e" (for 'eraser' {you set it when set}), do all your erasing and let go of "e" to switch back to your previous brush.
The Bamboo is a good start for a tablet, I started with a Graphir4 & it was & still is wonderful n_n
Heromi-Chan Aug 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is how i do it too! except i never considered using the marker tool... I just use a wide pen. I think i'll try it next time :)
Eienart Aug 9, 2012   Digital Artist
Goodluck! I think I just kind of fell for the marker tool early, so I haven't tried using the pen tool for much more than lineart & filling a color XD Guess I'll experiment with it lol
dancingvarcolac Aug 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
great tutorial! thank you.
Eienart Aug 4, 2012   Digital Artist
You're welcome =)
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